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One of MPK Olsztyn's Solbus B9,5 city buses.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Olsztyn, Poland - 5 October 2011
One of MPK Olsztyn's Solbus B9,5 city buses.
Operator: MPK Olsztyn
Fleet number: 900
Registration plate: NO 51920
Model: Solbus B9,5
Yearmodel: 2005
This picture was added 09 October 2011.
This battery-electric bus is seen operating on Rt.29 at 8th. & Tasker St. PKM Jaworzno has had this 1994 Scania MaxCi from new. The city bus version of the classic Polish Autosan H9 series is not so widespread in Poland - at lea BVB #757 on Heuwaage-Viadukt in Basel. This motor coach was photographed laying over at 15th. and JFK Blvd. in center city Philadelphia.


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