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Photo by Kim Loevenskjold
Malmö, Sweden - 20 September 2011
Operator: Nobina
Fleet number: 2150
Model: MAN NL313 F
VIN code: WMAA21ZZ06B025115
Yearmodel: 2006
This picture was added 02 October 2011.
Delaine Buses #136, a 2003 Volvo B7TL East-Lancs, and #155, 2008 Volvo B7RLE Wright, at the Delaine The main railway station in Otrokovice. Carlsteins Biltrafik HHO670 seen in the small Swedish town of Forsvik. This bus has been with the co Busslink 6649/WZF018 seen at Kista station in Stockholm. This is a Volvo B9S, a most extraordinary c Photographed on Atlantic Ave. on NJT Rt.505.


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