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old Bus and Viação Cruz da Colina.
Photo by Felipe Alves
Guarulhos-SP, Brazil - 9 May 2014
old Bus and Viação Cruz da Colina.
Operator: Offscourings
Registration plate: CBS-2248
Model: MB OF1620/Caio Alpha
This picture was added 21 August 2014.
Ellebjerg railway station. One of PKS Piła's many Danish DAB buses at the bus station in Piła. Heading westbound on Interstate 78 towards Pennsylvania Bus with Christmas decorations parading through the streets of Sao Paulo, on parade sponsored by SPT


Roberto Teixeira Varadi

22 August 2014

These buses are on this site because they are in trouble in court. Were of Cross Hill (Cruz da Colina in portuguese). Felipe only correct model. It's Caio Alpha and not Vitória. Although further up between two Alphas has a Vitoria. It is very close to the home of Alex Sandro.
Felipe Alves

22 August 2014

Ms. Teixeira. Did not know that these vehicles had legal restrictions. Yesterday I ended up copying and pasting fast but have rectified the name of the body and landing gear. Yes, is close to Alex Sandro house in Guarulhos
Roberto Teixeira Varadi

23 August 2014

Alex was the one who told me that the landowner told them that these buses are with legal problems.

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