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Leoforos Alexandras.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Athens, Greece - 8 June 2014
Leoforos Alexandras.
Operator: OSY
Fleet number: 9010
Model: Neoplan N6221
This picture was added 07 July 2014.
Electric Optare midibus outside the Riverside Museum in Glasgow. This motor coach is owned by a company based in New Orleans. Seen here parked in Manhattan. KTEL Naxos #8/MOB2956 Bus stop at a Q8 petrol station. The Omonia Square in central Athens. Motorised bus service in Copenhagen began in 1913 with French De Dion Bouton buses like this. PKM Jaworzno #220 in Jaworzno, Poland. The bus was built for Düsseldorf in Germany in 1996 and went


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