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BusGlobe welcomes North Macedonia!

On 12 February 2019, the Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia. BusGlobe has 12 pictures from North Macedonia.

Photo by Edward J Busst
Coo, Belgium - 14 May 2014
Operator: Le Cinacien
Fleet number: 503105
Model: Van Hool A600
Yearmodel: 1991
This picture was added 26 May 2014.
Ingerslevsgade. First #67701 on the 500 Glasgow Airport shuttle service in North Hanover Street in central Glasgow. Former Swebus and Nobina in Sweden (#4653), since 2012 in Daugavpils. The entrance door of this Neoplan Skyliner appears to be one bay further forward than usual Ex. STIL Liége #537. Preserved in private ownership, but used as a mobile showroom.



01 June 2014

Hi Eddie

I hope you had a nice time in Belgium!

It's another owner for this bus! It was sold by Cinacien in 2012 already. Since 12/2012, it is with recreation company "Adrenaline Events" in Coo.

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