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Photo by Kim Loevenskjold
Porto, Portugal - 14 May 1996
Operator: S.T.C.P. Porto
Fleet number: 747
Model: Volvo B58-55 Utic
Chassis number: 9593
Yearmodel: 1978
This picture was added 20 May 2014.
This bus is seen turning from Market St. onto JFK Blvd. in the University City section of Philadelph PKM Gliwice #96 on line 617 is crossing the abandoned tramway tracks near Gliwice railway station. Withdrawn STCP 531 at the Areosa depot. This SEPTA city bus is seen on the LUCY Shuttle near the 30th. St. Amtrak Station. Volvo B10M-60 with body "ATOMIC" doing a rural service in the north of Portugal. This bus is actuall


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