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Former BVG #3291 at Wittenbergplatz.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Berlin, Germany - 16 July 2013
Former BVG #3291 at Wittenbergplatz.
Operator: Stadtrundfahrtbüro Berlin
Registration plate: B KM 1781
Model: MAN SD200
Yearmodel: 1981
This picture was added 12 May 2014.
Strausberg railway station. This motor coach operated by a company based in New York is seen in Philadelphia at Logan Circle. Piazza del Tricolore. Former Connexxion #7162 on it's way from Holland to Estonia via Germany. Montgomery. Former Gothenburg Tramways (GS) #809 at Chalmers. BSAG 4548/HB-BQ 548 in Bremen


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