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Terminus "Abrenes street"
Photo by Driver24
Riga, Latvia - 7 June 2011
Terminus "Abrenes street"
Operator: Rīgas Satiksme
Fleet number: 74613
Registration plate: EU 1765
Model: Solaris Urbino 12
Yearmodel: 2003
This picture was added 16 September 2011.
This NJT bus is seen on Rt.505 approaching the 16th. St. and Atlantic Ave. turn around in Longport. Parking lot near Lake Trasimeno. A batch of 31 articulated Citaros joined the MIVB fleet in 2007, numbered 8858-8888. This is 8871, s AutoTurist #208 at the Ljubljanica tram loop. Photographed at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Former Swebus and Nobina in Sweden (#4653), since 2012 in Daugavpils.


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