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Photo by Thomas de Laine
Copenhagen, Denmark - October 2010
Operator: HT
Fleet number: 1856
Registration plate: VZ 89 543
Model: Volvo B10M/DAB
Yearmodel: 1988
This picture was added 17 June 2011.
Old Škoda bus rebuilt to serve whiskey. It is seen at Náměstí Republiky in Plzeň, but the The only two double-deck bodies ever built by Yeates in Loughborough were for the Delaines. One of t A Scania K114IB with Norwegian Vest body in Lund. The destination sign says "Free CityBus", the bus doing a circuit line around the centre of Odense. This trolley coach is seen on Rt.59 laying over in Alma Loop. Stamford bus station.


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