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BusGlobe welcomes North Macedonia!

On 12 February 2019, the Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia. BusGlobe has 12 pictures from North Macedonia.

Bus from Germany
Photo by Bjarne Svendsen
Trondheim, Norway - 19 July 2010
Bus from Germany
Operator: Reim-Reisen
Model: Volvo 9700
This picture was added 15 September 2011.
Borgbuss 141/AR83363, a Säffle bodied Volvo B10M, on its way from Skjærhalden to Fredrikstad. Bus from Switzerland Bus from Germany DPMB #7451 on Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí) in Brno, the terminus of the X6 tram replaceme Picture of an Austrian bus on a trip to Nordkap. From the large batch of Van Hool NewA330s placed into service in 2006/7 (8101-8227), this is no. 815 Willemsplein in Arnhem.


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