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Photo by John Hansen
Katowice, Poland - 24 March 2013
Operator: PKM Katowice
Fleet number: 238
Registration plate: SK 0745L
Model: MAN NG313 Lion's City G
VIN code: WMAA23ZZ68R004617
Yearmodel: 2007
This picture was added 23 May 2013.
The city bus version of the classic Polish Autosan H9 series is not so widespread in Poland - at lea 1207 on Cherni Vrah Blvd. This 30-year-old Leyland was still in daily use in Oświęcim in September 2012. It was buil Binhai Road in Tamsui. Metroline DLD136/W136ULR Hamburg Feuerwehr HH2894 fire brigade bus on standby in the city centre.


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