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BusGlobe welcomes North Macedonia!

On 12 February 2019, the Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia. BusGlobe has 12 pictures from North Macedonia.

SK 323-1T and SK 135-0A parked in Budva.
Photo by Bryan A Smith (uploaded by Bryan Smith)
Budva, Montenegro - 31 May 2006
SK 323-1T and SK 135-0A parked in Budva.
Operator: Biser Prom, Skopje
Model: Sanos S315
This picture was added 12 April 2013.
One of Boston's so-called trackless trolleys emerging from the Harvard Bus Tunnel in Cambridge throu Pulling into the bus station in Bratislava, a good proportion of which is under flyovers making phot Arnhem trolley bus on line 1 for Oosterbeek. Szent Imre tér, Csepel, Budapest. BA-779XH seen in the town centre.


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