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BA-6751S parked in the bus station.
Photo by Bryan A Smith (uploaded by Bryan Smith)
Bratislava, Slovakia - 3 June 2011
BA-6751S parked in the bus station.
Operator: Dopravný podnik Bratislava
Fleet number: 1636
Registration plate: BA-6751S
Model: Karosa B 741
This picture was added 11 April 2013.
Buchanan Bus Station. Former Lübeck #328 now in use in Bratislava. Seen here near the Most SNP bridge. Laagna tee near Priisle. An Alpha Bus bodied MAN, B-5018 was seen in Tunis on 23 November 2005. Forest Avenue (S48) A dual door bus, rare in Mauritius, seen in the capital on 2 August 2007 Pulling into the bus station in Bratislava, a good proportion of which is under flyovers making phot


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