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A 15 metre long and CNG powered vehicle.
Photo by Bryan A Smith (uploaded by Bryan Smith)
Bratislava, Slovakia - 3 June 2011
A 15 metre long and CNG powered vehicle.
Operator: Dopravný Podnik Bratislava
Fleet number: 1219
Registration plate: BA-5190L
Model: Solaris Urbino 15 CNG
This picture was added 10 April 2013.
Rua Norte do Patane. This vehicle was withdrawn from service in 2008. Photographed in the bus station, articulated BL-563AR. Built in the Czech Republic, BA-491ZJ is a CNG powered bus with a low floor throughout. TEDOM later In front of the railway station in Zvolen. Photographed on 6th. St. near Market St. Strausberg railway station.


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