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Photo by Thomas de Laine
Lublin, Poland - 18 September 2012
Operator: MPK Lublin
Fleet number: 2201
Registration plate: LBG 8264
Model: Neoplan N4020
VIN code: SU9340201PN100030
Yearmodel: 1996
This picture was added 19 March 2013.
Tyskie Linie Trolejbusowe (TLT Tychy) on line B in Tychy. Delaine Buses #45 from the Delaine Heritage Trust fleet at the bus station in Stamford. Sheppard Avenue East near Agincourt GO station. Photographed on Atlantic Ave. on NJT Rt.505. A 1994 DAB series 12 city bus from MPK Olsztyn. Unlike most DAB buses in Poland, this was assembled


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