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Photo by Peter Berggren Brandsen
Zabrze, Poland - 13 September 2012
Operator: PKM Gliwice
Fleet number: 4257
Registration plate: KCG 4990
Model: Ikarus 280
Chassis number: 2151
Yearmodel: 1988
This picture was added 30 December 2012.
Photographed at Frankford Depot. Former Austrian MAN on line 710 at Plac Piastów in Gliwice. This 30-year-old Leyland was still in daily use in Oświęcim in September 2012. It was buil DP Praha 5891 on line 137 at Na Knízecí busstation in Prague. A place with many Karosas. Scania OmniCity on line 80E at Stortingsgata in Oslo. Oslo has many citybuses of this model. A Carrus-bodied Volvo B10M articulated bus built new for PKS Bydgoszcz in 1995. It was retired in 20 Photographed in the "Gastown" section of Vancouver.


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