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Photo by Thomas de Laine
Copenhagen, Denmark - October 2010
Operator: KS
Fleet number: 571
Registration plate: EE 98 135
Model: Volvo B59/Aabenraa
Yearmodel: 1972
This picture was added 13 June 2011.
City Trafik 2147/XC90692 at Friheden station. The 2008 Scania OmniLink is running on a one-week-only Debut of Volvo B5LH Hybrid-Diesel Bus (Euro 6) on Feeder Bus Service 920.
Singapore Buses Anchersen Rute 3209/XJ90282, a 2009 Mercedes Citaro K on the new route 72. Former STIB/MIVB Brussels #8849 (registration number CML-458) in use by BKV in Budapest since 2009. Piazzale Lodi.


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