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Veolia #6122 as line 365 in Lund.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Lund, Sweden - 19 July 2012
Veolia #6122 as line 365 in Lund.
Operator: Veolia
Fleet number: 6122
Registration plate: RPB 757
Model: Solaris Urbino 15LE
VIN code: SUU306U23AB008965
Yearmodel: 2010
This picture was added 07 September 2012.
Line 10 bus crossing the light rail tracks next to Progreso station. Borders Buses 11514 working for Scottish Tours. Former Arriva Denmark 1163/PR93280, still working for Arriva, but now as 7112/BPB720 in Sweden. The Ras Biru Street. At Malmö Central Station Line 144 at Scheidplatz. Trafalgar Square.


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