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TAK 2351 (351 TAK), a very smart Scania Omnilink aric
Photo by Geoff Stephenson
Tallin, Estonia - May 2007
TAK 2351 (351 TAK), a very smart Scania Omnilink aric
Operator: Tallinna Autobussikoondis
Fleet number: 2351
Registration plate: 351 TAK
Model: Scania Omnilink
This picture was added 21 June 2012.
TAK 3543 on line 68 at Gonsiori in Tallinn. Very good bus as a city bus! Nice interior and doors 2-2 Parnü Bussipark 660ARM is a Säffle-Bodied Volvo Szent Imre tér, Csepel, Budapest. 842 (842 AOH) is not one of MRP's smartest buses, but well done to the operator for keeping it on th Náměstí Republiky in Plzeň. TTTK 275 on line 2 at Estonia Puiestee in Tallinn. Notice the LED-sign on this 1987 trolley bus :-) Scania intercity bus on Xinyi Road in Taipei.


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