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Photo by Kim Løvenskjold (uploaded by Kim Loevenskjold)
San Francisco, California (USA) - 4 December 1996
Operator: San Francisco Municipal Railway
Fleet number: 8928
Registration plate: 269552
Model: New Flyer Industries D40
Yearmodel: 1989
This picture was added 26 August 2011.
Last Volvo B59 in the series 8061-8190 delivered to MIVB/STIB in 1975-1977, in the Haren garage. Omnitrans is a public transit agency that serves the San Bernardino Valley and was founded in 1976. West Oakland BART station. Avenida Gral Rondeau. Bus no. 1455 from Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, also known as AC Transit, is leaving West O Ussimäe tee in Priisle, Tallinn.


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