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Photo by VDK photos
Maastricht - Parallelweg, Netherlands - 6 August 1993
Operator: VSL
Fleet number: 7-411
Registration plate: BV-70-JS
Model: Den Oudsten DAF MB200
Yearmodel: 1987
This picture was added 08 May 2012.
From late 2012 Go-Ahead London introduced a large fleet - the UK's largest so far - of battery-power A line 171 bus at Stadstuinen in Amstelveen, Amsterdam. Series 2481-2483 (04/1989). Qbuzz operates in the Rotterdam region, and some of its buses go as far afield as the new town of Zo DPMB #7451 on Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí) in Brno, the terminus of the X6 tram replaceme Luxembourg's national railway operator closed the international line from Luxembourg to Arlon in Bel No. 513 from the series 477-545 (1979-1980) in Peterstraße, Aachen.


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