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Torbens Busser BW90276
Photo by Lars Budtz
Bornholm, Denmark - 7 April 2012
Torbens Busser BW90276
Operator: Torbens Busser, Bornholm
Registration plate: BW 90 276
Model: Leyland 7-5-TL11/3/DAB
Chassis number: 8300153
Yearmodel: 1983
This picture was added 09 April 2012.
Withdrawn VDL Jonckheere Transit working on a train replacement service. Veolia runs 352/255BJJ77, a Heuliez bodied Volvo B10L, in the city of Nemours. The Forsvik School schoolbus resting overnight in Karlsborg, the neighbouring town. This bus is an A Nordfyns Busser 7508/BF88255 seen at the garage, just a few days after having been imported from Lux A 1973 Leyland-DAB series II in private preservation since around 2005. This Edmonton GMDD "new look" is seen operating in Edmonton during summer 1974.


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