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7401-7420 (1987-88) ex-MIVG 01-20
Photo by VDK photos
Gent - Cataloniëstraat, Belgium - 31 July 2007
7401-7420 (1987-88) ex-MIVG 01-20
Operator: VVM (De Lijn)
Fleet number: 7406
Model: Van Hool AG280T ACEC
Yearmodel: 1987
This picture was added 07 April 2012.
A Setra S213UL Regional as a school bus in Brussels. This motor coach is seen awaiting passengers in an area of Philadelphia known as Old City. 8801-8825 (1985) Bus from the private Hankyu Railway at Settsu-shi station near Osaka. 1-10 (1990-1991) 3151-3186 (1994) R. Norte do Patane.


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