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Savonlinja Oy 845/MKI-614 at Lahti busstation.
Photo by Lars Budtz
Lahti, Finland - 9 August 2011
Savonlinja Oy 845/MKI-614 at Lahti busstation.
Operator: Savonlinja Oy
Fleet number: 845
Registration plate: MKI-614
Model: Irisbus Crossway
VIN code: VNESFR1500M004107
Yearmodel: 2008
This picture was added 20 August 2011.
A bi-articulated Hess trolley bus on line 31 in Forchstrasse. Koiviston 365/LIB-965 at Lahti busstation. Mellunmäki metro station. Lokalbus 4407/CG96376, an Irisbus Crossway LE, on its very first day at work, seen at Køge station. Arriva 1155/CG94354, a brand new Scania OmniLink, on its first day of work. Buchanan Bus Station.


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