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Photo by Edward J Busst
De Panne, Belgium - 3 May 1986
Operator: Georges
Model: Volvo B10MA/Jonckheere Bermuda
Yearmodel: 1979
This picture was added 06 April 2012.
Series 9101-9179 (2014). This city transit bus is seen on Rt. M42 on 42nd. St. in Manhattan. Reventlowsgade outside Copenhagen Central Station.


Kim Loevenskjold

14 September 2012

Edward J Busst

14 September 2012

Information was from driver but, on reflection, I think it should be a B58
Kim Loevenskjold

16 September 2012

It's not in my Volvo B10M database, and just from off the top of my head, I can't recall any B10M chassis with Jonckheere Bermuda body.. They were from the beginning all with Alizée body.

Also, only two Volvo B10M were built in 1979, one for Sweden and one for Denmark.
Kim Loevenskjold

16 September 2012

My bad, I always think of Van Hool when it concerns Belgium built Volvo B10M. :) But anyways, if it's from 1979 - then it's a B58.

17 September 2012


This one is a B58-55, VIN 16063, body 17356, delivered new to Georges on 18/04/1980. So I think that registration would have been in 04/1980 too, but the chassis will likely have been produced in 1979.


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