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Lehtimäen Liikenne Oy 2 in central Lahti.
Photo by Lars Budtz
Lahti, Finland - 9 August 2011
Lehtimäen Liikenne Oy 2 in central Lahti.
Operator: Lehtimäen Liikenne Oy
Fleet number: 2
Registration plate: GIS-120
Model: Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
Yearmodel: 2009
This picture was added 20 August 2011.
Koiviston 319/LSI-219 at Lahti busstation. An older Sanos city bus departs from a bus stop in central Skopje. The exhaust pipe is going through Avenida de las Leyes next to the parliament building. Two Twin trolley coaches and an AMG bus are seen in downtown Seattle. Hyvinkään Liikenne Oy 13 at Hyvinkää busstation. Pohjolan Liikenne 6 at Nummela busstation. SL-Autolinjat 579/TIN-749 at Järvenpää busstation.


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