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873-882 (09/08/1999)
Photo by VDK photos
Aachen - Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz, Germany - 19 May 2008
873-882 (09/08/1999)
Operator: ASEAG
Fleet number: 875
Model: Mercedes O.405N2
Yearmodel: 1999
This picture was added 30 March 2012.
This Edmonton GMDD "new look" is seen operating in Edmonton during summer 1974. Głogów city bus at Głogów bus station. No. 513 from the series 477-545 (1979-1980) in Peterstraße, Aachen. Series 2481-2483 (04/1989). 8121-8190 (1976-1977) Heading westbound on Interstate 78 towards Pennsylvania Nollendorfplatz.


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