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Nobina 6242 on line 1 at Rosenørnsgade in Randers.
Photo by Peter Berggren Brandsen
Randers, Denmark - 27 March 2012
Nobina 6242 on line 1 at Rosenørnsgade in Randers.
Operator: Nobina
Fleet number: 6242
Registration plate: XM 96 464
Model: Scania K230UB OmniLink
VIN code: YS2K4X20001868560
Yearmodel: 2010
This picture was added 28 March 2012.
Former DSB (Danish State Railways) 812/HT96380, now serving as an excursion-bus for primary-school c 1202 on Bulgaria Blvd. TAK 3543 on line 68 at Gonsiori in Tallinn. Very good bus as a city bus! Nice interior and doors 2-2 A Solaris Urbino 12 in Knudrisgade in Aarhus on line 9. August 7th 2011 was the last day of the old This NJT bus is seen on Rt.505 approaching the 16th. St. and Atlantic Ave. turn around in Longport. This motor coach owned by a company in Quebec, Canada is seen engaged in charter service in the Olde


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