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DP Praha 5844 on line 175 at Flora.
Photo by Peter Berggren Brandsen
Prague, Czech Republic - 4 September 2008
DP Praha 5844 on line 175 at Flora.
Operator: DP Praha
Fleet number: 5844
Registration plate: AR-20-31
Model: Karosa B732
Yearmodel: 1993
This picture was added 09 December 2011.
The blue and off-white livery on this First West Yorkshire Volvo celebrates Bradford City Transport, Former Linjebuss, Connex and Veolia #0832 in use as a school bus in the Kista suburb of Stockholm. AS Temptrans 41 on line 286 at Gonsiori in Tallinn. The bus is clearly a former city bus from Oslo, Karosa B741 as line 133 at náměstí Republiky in central Prague. Line 142 at Scheidplatz. Jaroslav Stepanek 1036 on line 110 in Hloubetín.


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