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BusGlobe welcomes North Macedonia!

On 12 February 2019, the Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia. BusGlobe has 12 pictures from North Macedonia.

PMDP 468 on line 16 at Muzeum in Plzeň.
Photo by Peter Berggren Brandsen
Plzeň, Czech Republic - 3 September 2008
PMDP 468 on line 16 at Muzeum in Plzeň.
Operator: PMDP
Fleet number: 468
Model: Škoda 15Tr M13
Yearmodel: 1995
This picture was added 09 December 2011.
A Solaris Urbino 18 on Dąbrowskiego in Poznań - home of the Solaris factory. Náměstí Republiky in Plzeň. Karosa B941 articulated bus on line 119 at Praha-Ruzyně Airport. A Solaris Urbino 12 in Knudrisgade in Aarhus on line 9. August 7th 2011 was the last day of the old A Volvo B58E on line 456 on the street Mercedes in Montevideo. Line 144 at Scheidplatz.


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