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DP Praha 4039 at Na Knízecí busstation in Prague.
Photo by Peter Berggren Brandsen
Prague, Czech Republic - 2 September 2008
DP Praha 4039 at Na Knízecí busstation in Prague.
Operator: DP Praha
Fleet number: 4039
Registration plate: 1A9 9789
Model: Karosa B951
Yearmodel: 2002
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Århus Sporveje 272 on line 72 in Tranbjerg, a suburb of Århus. Outside the central station in Brno. DP Praha 3260 on line 176 at Karlovo náměstí in central Prague. "Borismaster" #LT866 on line 21 leaving Lewisham DLR station. Århus Sporveje 130 on line 11 at Klosterport, next to Klostertorvet in Århus. Parking space at Goathland. The "City" version of Alexander-Dennis's E400 body was introduced to compete in London with the more


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