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Former Swedish Linjebuss #2759 in Olkusz, Poland.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Olkusz, Poland - 5 September 2010
Former Swedish Linjebuss #2759 in Olkusz, Poland.
Operator: PKM Olkusz
Fleet number: 328
Registration plate: KOL 3U26
Model: Scania OmniCity
VIN code: YS4N4X20001835816
Yearmodel: 1999
This picture was added 06 July 2011.
This SEPTA Proterra is seen on RT.79, a line that ran trolley coaches up until 2003. Xinyi Road in Taipei. This motor coach was photographed on the Pennsylvania side of the Ben Franklin Bridge. BVG #4412 at Ruhleben U-bahn station. BVG #3542 on Heinrich-von-Gagern-Straße as metrobus service M85 towards the central station (Hauptba


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