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Mercedes-Benz O405 with body "ATOMIC UR95" in line 113.
Photo by Ricardo Taveira
Algés (Lisboa), Portugal - August 2006
Mercedes-Benz O405 with body "ATOMIC UR95" in line 113.
Operator: VIMECA Transportes
Fleet number: 175
Registration plate: 28-80-IG
Model: Mercedes-Benz O405/Irmãos Mota
Yearmodel: 1997
This picture was added 02 November 2011.
Trafalgar Square. EVA Transportes 9174 (82-68-QR) was new in 1985 to German operator VKP Ploen as its no. 864. Importe EVA Transportes 9136 was already 31 years old when I took this shot in Faro bus station. The destina Volvo B10M-60 with body "ATOMIC" doing a rural service in the north of Portugal. This bus is actuall This Peter Pan motor coach is seen engaged in charter service on 6th. St. near Race.



07 August 2014

have a company in Brazil with the same paint, if I'm not mistaken and the same group

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