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Photo by Lars Budtz
Friheden station, Denmark - 23 October 2011
Operator: Anchersen Rute
Fleet number: 3201
Registration plate: VN 96 576
Model: Mercedes-Benz O530K Citaro
VIN code: WEB62848313113838
Yearmodel: 2007
This picture was added 23 October 2011.
This RTA bus is seen on Main St. in downtown Dayton. This motor coach which is based in Quebec,Canada is seen engaged in charter service in Manhattan. Alan Martin Coaches 07-C-16340, an Autosan A1012T, by the garage in Rosemount Business Park. Savonlinja Oy 845/MKI-614 at Lahti busstation. This DAB series 15 was built for the then-new 350S express line in Copenhagen. After 11 years in ser


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