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An unknown coach (4119BZX) on Moll 18 in Barcelona.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Barcelona, Spain - 20 May 2009
An unknown coach (4119BZX) on Moll 18 in Barcelona.
Registration plate: 4119 BZX
Model: Noge Etna
This picture was added 05 July 2011.
Very uncommon, a Spanish Jonckheere, seen at the Tenerife Sur airport. Sorry for the poor quality, t 
Former Gothenburg Tramways #952 on Laagna tee in Lasnamäe, Tallinn. One of the many operators running suburban bus services around Sevilla, Casal 322 (SE 7501 CL) is a Stratford. Former Linjebuss, Connex and Veolia #2197 from Sweden.



17 February 2014

This is a Noge Etna, I drove one in Alicante with Agostense in '99

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