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1210 on Bulgaria Blvd.
Photo by Emperor (uploaded by Emperor64)
Sofia, Bulgaria - 20 July 2017
1210 on Bulgaria Blvd.
Operator: Stolichen Avtotransport
Fleet number: 1210
Registration plate: CB0445BP
Model: Yutong ZK6126HGA
VIN code: LZYTMGE68G1026359
Yearmodel: 2016
This picture was added 07 March 2019.
1209 on Bulgaria Blvd. Volánbusz as a BKK contractor on line 55 at Soroksári út. 1206 at Sofia Zoo. ZET #676 in Mihaljevac in Zagreb. A preserved Eastern Counties 1974 Bristol RE in National Express livery in the Delaine Buses depot i


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