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1202 on Bulgaria Blvd.
Photo by Emperor (uploaded by Emperor64)
Sofia, Bulgaria - 12 April 2017
1202 on Bulgaria Blvd.
Operator: Stolichen Avtotransport
Fleet number: 1202
Registration plate: CB0464BP
Model: Yutong ZK6126HGA
VIN code: LZYTMGE6XG1019199
Yearmodel: 2016
This picture was added 06 March 2019.
This shuttle service run by Drexel University is seen on Market St. near 30th. St. 1208 on Bulgaria Blvd. 1201 on Bulgaria blvd. A line 70 bus for Retiro in the BRT alignment in the middle of Av. 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires.


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