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Vermes Miklós Street in Csepel, Budapest.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Budapest, Hungary - 9 September 2015
Vermes Miklós Street in Csepel, Budapest.
Operator: Volánbusz
Registration plate: GXW-314
Model: Ikarus C80
Yearmodel: 1999
This picture was added 17 February 2019.
This motor coach is seen in Philadelphia at Broad and Arch St. Veolia #194 at the central station in Helsinki. This trolley coach is seen operating on 5Robson. One of the oldest buses in the Ikarus 415 fleet at BKV One of Transpole's many Irisbus Citelis CNG buses at the "terminus" of the ring route Citadine 1 (th MTA Bus #5526 on West 23rd Street at 10th Avenue on Select Bus Service line M23. Újpest-Központ.


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