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This HSR Brill is seen operating on the King route.
Photo by Mitchell Libby
Hamilton, Canada - around May 1972
This HSR Brill is seen operating on the King route.
Operator: Hamilton Street Railway
Fleet number: 703
Registration plate: 44-078
Model: CCF Brill T48
Yearmodel: 1950
This picture was added 26 December 2018.
EVA Transportes was the first of the ten operating areas of Portugal's national bus company Rodoviar This 1947 CCF Brill trolley coach was photographed operating in Calgary in the summer of 1972. This NJT bus is seen on Rt.505 approaching the 16th. St. and Atlantic Ave. turn around in Longport. A Sugar House Casino shuttle bus operated by Philadelphia Trolley Works is seen at 6th. and Market S


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