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Line 26 on Emilio Mitre.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Buenos Aires, Argentina - 18 February 2018
Line 26 on Emilio Mitre.
Operator: 17 de Agosto
Fleet number: 204
Registration plate: KUQ 479
Model: Mercedes-Benz OH1718L-SB Metalpar Iguazú
This picture was added 09 December 2018.
Former Vancouver trolleybus stored in Gutiérrez. This bus has never been in service in Mendoza. A TE class Leyland/Alexander as a Bus Éireann Expressway in Bantry. Near the Retiro railway and bus stations. The Gråhundbus depot at Yderholmen, Ballerup. This trolley coach is seen on Rt.59 laying over in Alma Loop. Brand new E015 on its first day in service on route 6 linking Birmingham with Shirley and Solihull.


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