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Line 59 at Müncher Freiheit.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Munich, Germany - 5 June 2018
Line 59 at Müncher Freiheit.
Operator: Autobus Oberbayern
Fleet number: 030
Registration plate: M-AU 6030
Model: Mercedes-Benz O530G Citaro
Yearmodel: 2004
This picture was added 02 December 2018.
King George VI Street. A bus of unknown make and origin, but heavily rebuilt at Osterrieder Maschinenfabrik in Lautrach to A line 198 Rocket bus at Kennedy subway station. Wulai Bus Station, the terminus of line 849 between Wulai and Taipei. Former BVG, Berlin, fleet number 3416 as a sightseeing bus in rainy Copenhagen.


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