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Avenida Uruguay.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Montevideo, Uruguay - 26 February 2018
Avenida Uruguay.
Operator: C.O.M.E.
Fleet number: 104
Registration plate: STC 1304
Model: Mercedes-Benz OH1315 Caio Vitória
This picture was added 25 November 2018.
Avenida de las Leyes next to the parliament building. Photographed in Manhattan laying over. Avenida Gral Rondeau. This is one of NJT's newest vehicles. Seen on Market St. in Philadelphia. This trolley coach was photographed at the Bell's Corner Loop, the northern terminus of Rt.59. Bi-articulated Volvo B9S as Stombuss line 16 in Gothenburg.


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