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A line 198 Rocket bus at Kennedy subway station.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Toronto, Canada - 8 July 2015
A line 198 Rocket bus at Kennedy subway station.
Operator: TTC
Fleet number: 7465
Registration plate: BM5 991
Model: Orion VII
VIN code: 1VH7H3A2236700584
Yearmodel: 2003
This picture was added 18 November 2018.
@ Adventure Aquarium with students from Hopatcong Middle School Rua de Viana do Castelo in Aveiro. An older Sanos city bus departs from a bus stop in central Skopje. The exhaust pipe is going through A GMC bus and PCC streetcar are seen at Bicknell Loop. A TTC Orion bus is shown at the intersection of Bathurst and Queen in June 1986. Imported 2012 from Breda in the Netherlands. MTA Bus #6632 in service on line M11 on 9th Avenue/23rd Street.


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