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Outside Otrokovice main station.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Otrokovice, Czech Republic - 15 September 2017
Outside Otrokovice main station.
Operator: DS Zlín-Otrokovice
Fleet number: 350
Model: Škoda 15Tr
Chassis number: 12419
Yearmodel: 1997
This picture was added 17 November 2018.
Line 26 on Emilio Mitre. A Dennis Trident open top double-decker in front of Charing Cross Station in London. Trolley coaches ran in this Canadian city between June 1,1949 and March 8,1975. A Škoda-Solaris trolley bus on Americká in Plzeň. A MAN LPG bus, apparently financed by the European Union, on Budovatelů in central Most. EVA Transportes 9174 (82-68-QR) was new in 1985 to German operator VKP Ploen as its no. 864. Importe Roskilde Harbour, Zeeland.


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