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Willemsplein in Arnhem.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Arnhem, Netherlands - 11 June 2011
Willemsplein in Arnhem.
Operator: Breng
Fleet number: 5207
Registration plate: BG-NB-55
Model: Van Hool AG300T
VIN code: YE231800T01S24775
Yearmodel: 1997
This picture was added 11 November 2018.
This motor coach which is based in Quebec,Canada is seen engaged in charter service in Manhattan. Line 142 at Scheidplatz. This motor coach is seen engaged in charter service on Girard Ave. in a section of Philadelphia know Roskilde Harbour, Zeeland. An Ikaris EAG E94 with Mercedes engine at the bus station in Szentes.


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