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A Yutong City Master in Skopje.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Skopje, North Macedonia - 1 June 2015
A Yutong City Master in Skopje.
Operator: JSP
Fleet number: 1197
Registration plate: SK-2187-AB
Model: Yutong City Master ZK6116
This picture was added 11 November 2018.
Isuzu school bus in Axum. Wulai Bus Station with a brand new Hino on line 849 to Taipei. A pair of Yutong City Master double-deckers in Skopje. Left is no. 1137 (SK-571-VJ) and right is no. This MTA bus that is using clean diesel technology is seen in Baltimore. This MTA bus is seen near downtown Baltimore. A 1963 Leyland with DAB body. One of the very last buses built for two-man operation for the Copenha


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