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Seen operating near downtown Seattle.
Photo by Mitchell Libby
Seattle, Washington (USA) - around August 1990
Seen operating near downtown Seattle.
Operator: Seattle Metro
Fleet number: 3132
Model: MAN Americana SL40102L
Yearmodel: 1987
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A Seattle trolley coach is seen laying over at the Madrona Loop in April 1977. This Brockton bus is seen at an MBTA Boston interchange station. A MAN articulated trolley coach is seen in this photo. This is one of NJT's newest vehicles. Seen on Market St. in Philadelphia. Line 142 at Scheidplatz. This Peter Pan motor coach was photographed turning from Chestnut onto 5th. St. in the Olde City sec This motor coach company is based in Lula ,Georgia. Here it is seen laying over in downtown Philadel


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