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This bus is seen operating on Rt.34c.
Photo by Mitchell Libby
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) - around November 1989
This bus is seen operating on Rt.34c.
Operator: PAT (Port Authority Transit)
Fleet number: 1412
Model: GMC RTS03(T7H-203)
Yearmodel: 1980
This picture was added 06 November 2018.
Two Marmon-Herrington trolley coaches are seen in the Alma short turn loop on Rt.59. A B.C. Hydro Brill bus is seen at the Oakridge Transportation Center. This SEPTA trolley coach was photographed operating on Castor Ave. on Rt.59. An MBTA trolley coach is seen operating in Cambridge,Mass. This MTA "Select Bus" is seen operating in Manhattan. Wulai Bus Station, the terminus of line 849 between Wulai and Taipei.


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