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TLT 2245 on line 22 at Vabaduse Väljak in Tallinn
Photo by Peter Berggren Brandsen
Tallinn, Estonia - 10 May 2018
TLT 2245 on line 22 at Vabaduse Väljak in Tallinn
Operator: TLT
Fleet number: 2245
Registration plate: 245TAK
Model: Scania OmniLink CL94UB
VIN code: YS4L4X20001840652
Yearmodel: 2001
This picture was added 28 October 2018.
A MAN LPG bus, apparently financed by the European Union, on Budovatelů in central Most. One of the 17 double articulated trolley buses from Zürich. Many run on line 31 like this one. Old Škoda bus rebuilt to serve whiskey. It is seen at Náměstí Republiky in Plzeň, but the Todbjerg AA13595 on line 117 on Randersvej in Århus. Solaris trolley bus #443 on line 3 at "Estonia" in Tallinn. TAK 3543 on line 68 at Gonsiori in Tallinn. Very good bus as a city bus! Nice interior and doors 2-2


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