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Škoda 24Tr trolleybus on line 14 in Timișoara.
Photo by Thomas de Laine
Timișoara, Romania - 13 September 2015
Škoda 24Tr trolleybus on line 14 in Timișoara.
Operator: R.A.T.T.
Fleet number: 47
Registration plate: 03047
Model: Škoda 24Tr Irisbus Citelis 12M
Yearmodel: 2008
This picture was added 28 October 2018.
Z & S Transport #150 on the Silver Rider service at Aylesbury railway station. In September 2017, a number of Ikarus buses were still in service in the Polish city of Częstoc Szent Imre tér, Csepel, Budapest. One of TEC's new VDL Citea buses on line 83 in Charleroi. This 1979 Van Hool A120 built for STIB/MIVB in Brussels was withdrawn from service in 2000 and is no


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